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Ruth writes:


Disclaimer: The I’s in this post isn’t because I’m egocentric; but because this was first a personal revelation/lesson to me. It’s important to understand this so that as you read through, you’re speaking to your own self.



I began to wonder what my niche was…


As a little girl, long before people or internet personalities like bloggers preached on the importance of a niche, I understood I was affecting lives for Go(o)d. My tool was love, honesty, and a passion for whatever I did. I believed that these were enough to affect anyone. I didn’t limit the reach to a specific gender, religion, age group, or any other distinction even though there are several times I understand the need to “minister to” or “reach out to” certain audiences.


There were people though who always asked me who I wrote for. They really wanted me to name my target audience like I couldn’t proceed or be right if the target wasn’t named.

Trust me when I say I understand the power of focus. I understand the power of writing for a specific audience; how it enables consistency and enables them to return knowing they’d always find something useful for them.

The issue is I felt disturbed each time I felt compelled to label what I did or who I ministered to…


I noticed a challenge on Instagram as well(IG for me is my reach out tool as well). My feed did not speak one language so to say. In one photo I was this adventurous girl trying new meals at a restaurant; in the next, I was the jumpsuit lover exploring the banks and wonders of the Danube river. One day, I was preaching a message of salvation; on another, I was exploring cafes around or the breathtaking Moser library in Graz. In one post I could share a cartoon sketch and in another, I could let you in on cakes I baked or songs I sing while still figuring out how to switch from one guitar chord to the other.


On and on like that. With different posts, I used different respective tags which brought all sorts of people to my page. Some people followed my page only to unfollow it when they realised that the (amateur) photographer they thought I was, suddenly turned into a bible girl or a book lover. Was I going to water down who I was, the things I loved, the passions that bubbled on the inside of me till there was an overflow, just to keep my so called audience?


Could I be Ruth the girl who loves, the poet, the medical doctor, the writer, the singer, the dancer (😝), the chef, etc… and not obliterate any of these parts of me because I wanted to maintain a so-called target audience?

Could I be all of these, so much more than these, make a lot of impact/wealth from these, yet, still seek to discover more truths of who I’ve been called to because I understand I’m a light giver in more ways than 10?


Do you understand the physics of light dispersion? The source of all that I am is God who’s white light(An analogy). As He passes through us(like light passing through a prism), we manifest as different colours. It doesn’t matter whether some conditions make me red colour this minute, green the next, I am a beautiful spectrum formed from one pure and holy source. I would shine my light no matter who’s paying attention. I won’t cover red because It isn’t so “popular” or widely accepted or understood. Again, as long as the light I give off is God’s, I’d keep shining regardless of who’s paying attention or not…


Embrace who you are; whether you are predominantly “one” colour or a mix of so much “good” you’re still trying to figure out. Don’t water down a part of you. Every good in you is a portion of God’s personality. Nurture and make the most of it with pride and humility.

Embrace the spectrum that you are…

This world needed it so God demonstrates relief through you.

Do not fail.




I’m one more girl who is souled(not a mistake) out to Jesus. I’m a firm believer in faith, hope, and love.
I believe that as beings, we all intersect in more places than we know so whether it’s through journal entries, revelations, hacks, reviews, poetry, personal notes, etc, I write for all. I use my words as the blessing they could be.  I’m also a Medical Doctor… ( Results just came in hours ago and I passed my licensing exams. Not sure if to say one day old MD or what)


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